Two intertwined dreams come together in time and space at OcoaBay. Touristic winemaking and wellness real estate, nestled in the Bay of Ocoa in the province of Azua, Dominican Republic.

More than 500 years ago not too far from OcoaBay, Hernán Cortéz arrived on the island of Hispañola and was made governor of the province of Azua. The historical records show that he planted the first grape vines in the New World, which were passed on to Mexico, and were eventually brought to South America by Diego Velásquez.

OcoaBay seeks to reclaim this primacy, reviving the practice of grape vine cultivation and the production of wines in the region of Azua. Inspired by this task, Ocoabay aims to grow fresh ingredients, free of chemicals in a sustainable way.

The sandy soil of OcoaBay, enriched by its volcanic origins, is the prefect medium for our vines of French Colombard, a white grape; Moscato and Tempranillo, our red grapes. We are currently producing high quality, organic, tropical wines. In acknowledgement of the indigenous flavors of the southern region, we have also developed a uniquely Dominican wine product, KiBay, which is a blend fruit drink made from mango and passion fruit.


Learn about our select variety of grapes adapted to the region.

Our wines in production are recognized as exceptional both by local and international standards.

OcoaBay Wines

Moscato Rose

Brilliant rose color with a floral aroma that is both elegant and balanced. Notes of cherry with just a touch of strawberry and honey.

French Colombard

Yellow with soft green tones. Dominated by its smell of sweet fresh fruits such pineapple and guava with citrus notes.


Ruby red in color, cherry and plum notes with a hint of leather and spices.



Born of the fertile volcanic soil in the south of the Dominican Republic, it is a drink that is truly reflective of the generosity of our land. Two dominant fruits converge without each losing its distinct flavor. The famous mango of Bani and the outgoing passion fruit, the two protagonists in the singular experience that awaits curious palates.