Ocoa bay is the site of the first winery in the Americas.

The project consists of 155 acres, surrounded by a natural reserve park that extends from the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Ocoa up into the mountains.

The master plan includes and eco-chic hotel boutique, spa, wellness center, restaurants, a marina, a wine villa, and private residences.

Ocoa Bay is located in the province of Azua on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is surrounded by the gorgeous mountains of the central mountain range on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

Currently, visitors are able to try our tropical wines on our vineyard tour and enjoy our exquisite organic dishes at the BayaOnda restaurant while relaxing in front of the best view of the Bay of Ocoa and enjoy our WineryClub with seasonal tapas perfectly marinated.

OcoaBay is an eco-touristic venture and experience, the first and only vineyard resort in the country and in all of the Caribbean. Our philosophy here at OcoaBay is rooted in the organic and sustainable development of the region and social responsibility to the surrounding communities.

We have our very own farm where we harvest fruits and vegetables, propagating the use of local agricultural, herding, and fishing practices.

The deep respect for the environment protecting our dry forest, the terroir surrounded by mountains and the sea, joined by our commitment to the growth our communities, make OcoaBay a pioneer project in the Caribbean as well as the new model of tourism for the development of the south of Dominican Republic.


Our responsibility to the neighboring communities is real and unambiguous. Community leader are given the education and tools to actively promote better fishing and farming techniques to supply OcoaBay with their local products.

We are committed to educating independent farmers and fishermen about sustainable and eco- friendly practices for their own business through a focus on permaculture.

We are also committed to supporting the local schools and offer a variety of classes to equip students for the future. We offer extracurriculars in photography, technology, health and the environment. We also teach English as a second language, a skill that is indispensable in a country like the Dominican Republic that depends so much on tourism. Other available courses include hospitality, viticulture, and culinary classes. Lastly, we have built an internet cafe in the town of Hatillo to expand the horizons of the youth through the vast resources available on the internet.

We are currently implementing preventative health and nutritional programs for primary school children, and in association with prestigious institutions.

Social Commitment

The OcoaBay project was inaugurated in August 2013 with the visit of President Danilo Medina. Currently the project is comprised of the club house, pool and restaurant, wine tasting lounge, and bodega. Additionally, there is a real estate component of OcoaBay that is set to break ground in the near future. This will include a hotel boutique, private villas, and a wellness center.

Past present and future


We offer event hosting and catering by reservation for business, private parties, weddings, and photo shoots.